On Reddit

I never got into Reddit other than just being familiar with the memes and reading through AMA, but I did not know that it was intended to combine Delicious and Slashdot. I am heavy user of Delicious and read Slashdot very regularly. Great video below.

I have moved my hosting and decided to start the blog afresh, I moved away from my hosting provider for 10 years and on to WordPress.com. The main reason is I wanted managed hosting and get away from some of the constant updating of plugins and installs. And even-though I had updated the plugins, I had some malware on the site and I am not sure how it got in but was a pain to remove.

Over the week I also moved a static page from WordPress install to a S3 hosting. Basically you do a wget to a WordPress site download it locally and then upload all the static files to S3. More on that some other time.