Ad Blocker

After a long time with AdBlock and AdBlock plus, I switched to µblock for Opera ( I don’t use Chrome) and to Adblock Edge on Firefox. So far so good.

Basically, both AdBlock became opaque and AdBlock Plus changed their development model and started creating white lists in exchange for money.

Adblock Edge is a fork of Adblock plus and uBlock seems to be a new derived from HTTP Switchboard. So far it is very nice and the performance is great. More performance data here:µBlock-vs.-ABP:-efficiency-compared

Company Adds Algorithm to it’s board

Deep Knowledge Ventures, a firm that focuses on age-related disease drugs and regenerative medicine projects, says the program, called VITAL, can make investment recommendations about life sciences firms by poring over large amounts of data.

via Marginal Revolution

Algorithms / Robots replacing humans is one of the long term trends, I forsee entire occupations replaced by robots / algorithms because of this.