Completed my PhD in Geodesign

I recently completed my oral exam for my PhD and passed with minor corrections. I am in the process of getting the corrections reviewed and then submit. I am just getting started in this journey with Geodesign and Geodesign Hub. A lot of things to say but my sincerest thanks to all my advisors and staff at CASA.

A image and blog post at the CASA website below.


Left to right: Prof. Carl Steinitz (mentor), Prof. Henk Scholten (external examiner), Hrishi Ballal (the successful graduate), Prof. Brian Orland (external examiner via Skype), Prof. Mike Batty (supervisor). Dr. James Cheshire was also supervisor but not available for the photo.

TechCraft Episode 51: How to store Bitcoins?

This week Sergey, Hrishi, and Ashish are taking a close look at the bitcoin storage. What is the best way to store your cryptocurrency? Did you know that there are a number of different techniques to bitcoin wallets. In the first part of our two-part episode we are talking about desktop and mobile wallets.

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