And so it goes (Shutting down Escape Velocity)

Hello everyone. We have some exciting, and at the same time sad news. We have come to a decision to shut down the Escape Velocity Podcast. We have had a good run for over 2 years. Over this period we have covered a lot of very interesting topics, had many exciting guests, and had tons of fun while doing it. We have learned a lot from it, and we hope that you did too. We thank you for sticking with us through all this time. We still have one more episode to publish – a farewell episode, so please stay tuned to this!

One project shuts down and another begins. We have learned a ton building Escape Velocity and we are going to take these lessons and going to start a brand new podcast [drum roll]: Casual Tech Patterns. The new show will have the same Escape Velocity team and it will be a tech themed talk show where we discuss the latest trends in tech, hardware, software and the business side of things.

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I have learned a lot and we have had tremendous fun doing Escape Velocity and I am so looking forward to the new show. Everything we learned from EV with the same team and much better.


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Interview with Josh Merchant from Measurely

Escape Velocity Podcast: Josh Merchant : Measurely

This week we talk to Josh Merchant about  and Lymbix, continuing on our analytics and surveys show. We talk about qualitative data, how to use Measurely to understand sentiment. In addition, Josh talks about the core technologies created at Lymbix and how the team created products based on the core technologies. Subscribe tot he iTunes feed for more amazing guests.