Un-installed Twitter

There is a recent Hacker New thread about Twitter reading the installed apps on your phone to send that information back to Twitter and Twitter in turn sells it to whoever will pay money for it.

I have often lamented about ad-based business models on TechCraft. They are in direct conflict with users interests. It is not so much that the app is reading your installed apps, that is unsurprising. The problem is that it is done by default and you have to opt-out of it. Therefore I have un-installed Twitter from my iPhone.

I have heard the argument that most people “don’t care” about this or they are “OK” with it. I think that that is a fundamentally lazy defense and demonstrates a lack of understanding of the userbase. Ad-based models are a race to the bottom, no-one wakes up thinking they would love to see more tailored ads. This model degrades the product and the user experience and ultimately shareholder value.

Twitter FAQ here: https://support.twitter.com/articles/20172069

My upcoming Seminar

I am going to give to give a seminar on my work on Urbanflow Engine. Following are the details, it is free and open to all if you are in London on the 12th of February.


The process of Urban planning is a response to the endemic uncertainty and complexity in modern cities and societies. In this talk and a technology demonstration, Hrishi will revisit the urban planning process.

Hrishi will demonstrate four foundational technologies to re-imagine the planning process for our modern world:
–          Iterative plan generation and comparison
–          rich public participation,
–          workflow management,
–          accessibility and ease of use.

Hrishi will discuss how this new internet powered planning process accommodates the infinite complexity of the real world and enables shared learning by all stakeholders.


New WWF App

The new WWF App for the iPad (homepage link) is really incredible. I have been a big supporter of WWF and particularly their adopt-a-animal program and was so glad to see this app. The music makes it a therapeutic experience. The photos are stunning and really bring out the animal’s personality and the interaction is very clever, this is a app for adults and definitely not for kids. Best of all its free! Download it now.

Bonus points if you are into origami as well!

Base: The must have SQL Lite Manager

After trying a bunch of SQL Lite managers, I have found a little gem: Base. What is not to like, besides be stable, solid and can handle most of the things I throw at it.

1. Very nice Icon.

2. Check your Schema.

3. Execute regular SQL commands.

I am beginning to really like SQLLite for prototyping and of course you can graduate to proper SQL later but this is really nice and am glad that I am settling for Base for the time being. Highly recommend it, it is very cheap as well.