CTP Ep14: Where we get excited about a chair

Where we get excited about a chair

This week Sergey is joined in the studio by Hrishi; and Hrishi has a big reveal of his super-secret iOS app that he’s been working on for a few months now – Drive from Urbanflow Engine.

This week’s show is all about mobile. We cover all the YouiTube news of the past week, share our thoughts about new apps for Android and iOS, and share our YouTube usage patterns.


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New WWF App

The new WWF App for the iPad (homepage link) is really incredible. I have been a big supporter of WWF and particularly their adopt-a-animal program and was so glad to see this app. The music makes it a therapeutic experience. The photos are stunning and really bring out the animal’s personality and the interaction is very clever, this is a app for adults and definitely not for kids. Best of all its free! Download it now.

Bonus points if you are into origami as well!

Happy New Year.

I have not updated by blog that much this year but I did move away from self hosting and into WordPress.com . Self hosting is great to learn and tinker with but at some point the hassle to maintain the site and also update the plugins etc. In the transition though, I did not migrate all my posts, and it is a good way to start afresh. I have had the archives since almost 2006 and maybe one of these days I will upload it.

Also I love ThinkPads and I recently ordered the X1 Carbon (link) and it is finally being shipped after some delays, cannot wait to get my hands on it. I think I will install Windows 8 and Xubuntu. A review coming up soon!




Happy New Year and I will be back with a few updates in the New Year.

On Reddit

I never got into Reddit other than just being familiar with the memes and reading through AMA, but I did not know that it was intended to combine Delicious and Slashdot. I am heavy user of Delicious and read Slashdot very regularly. Great video below.

I have moved my hosting and decided to start the blog afresh, I moved away from my hosting provider for 10 years and on to WordPress.com. The main reason is I wanted managed hosting and get away from some of the constant updating of plugins and installs. And even-though I had updated the plugins, I had some malware on the site and I am not sure how it got in but was a pain to remove.

Over the week I also moved a static page from WordPress install to a S3 hosting. Basically you do a wget to a WordPress site download it locally and then upload all the static files to S3. More on that some other time.

Base: The must have SQL Lite Manager

After trying a bunch of SQL Lite managers, I have found a little gem: Base. What is not to like, besides be stable, solid and can handle most of the things I throw at it.

1. Very nice Icon.

2. Check your Schema.

3. Execute regular SQL commands.

I am beginning to really like SQLLite for prototyping and of course you can graduate to proper SQL later but this is really nice and am glad that I am settling for Base for the time being. Highly recommend it, it is very cheap as well.