And so it goes (Shutting down Escape Velocity)

Hello everyone. We have some exciting, and at the same time sad news. We have come to a decision to shut down the Escape Velocity Podcast. We have had a good run for over 2 years. Over this period we have covered a lot of very interesting topics, had many exciting guests, and had tons of fun while doing it. We have learned a lot from it, and we hope that you did too. We thank you for sticking with us through all this time. We still have one more episode to publish – a farewell episode, so please stay tuned to this!

One project shuts down and another begins. We have learned a ton building Escape Velocity and we are going to take these lessons and going to start a brand new podcast [drum roll]: Casual Tech Patterns. The new show will have the same Escape Velocity team and it will be a tech themed talk show where we discuss the latest trends in tech, hardware, software and the business side of things.

Original post here.

I have learned a lot and we have had tremendous fun doing Escape Velocity and I am so looking forward to the new show. Everything we learned from EV with the same team and much better.


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