On Podcasting

I have come to love Podcasting. It is the future of media: it is quite not there yet but regular TV is dead. The other day, I watched a hour of regular TV and it looked bizzare to me. Nonsensical ads crammed between 10 minutes of content, does it really work anymore? It is so easy to see that that model is dead or dying. I don’t watch TV any-more and more importantly never buy that is advertised on TV other than of-course toothpaste and the likes but even in that case I never remember a ad for a toothpaste when buying, I just buy what is on the shelf.

As much as Facebook and Twitter and the likes would like to think otherwise, their advertising is broken. I never buy anything advertised on these networks.  The other day I saw a ad for a stock trading app which I will never download and a couple of ios games. Maybe I am too savvy for them but it is hard to believe that anyone would pay for that. Most of the things I buy lately are things recommended by Podcast hosts. Podcasting creates a direct intimate connection that is unlike anything before that cannot be matched by any social network. If you like the host and can relate to it it creates a better connection that on Twitter because you can see them every week or hear them. In addition to entertainment and education I have had the podcasts solve problems for me.

Watch this keynote from Leo Laporte on where all of this is heading:

Direct Link

At Escape Velocity, we were offered advertising couple of times and we turned it down because we don’t think that it was suitable for the show or the content. We do the show because we want to create great content and great interviews and would be happy to recommend a product that we use to our listeners. While we have not nailed the show yet but after doing it for almost two years, it has been a really great experience building it. Interviewing people who are doing interesting things, learning from them and understanding what people and our listeners want. It is my MBA without paying for one.

Should you create a Podcast? Absolutely, it is a difficult and hard thing to do but the rewards are tremendous. I think that everyone should have a podcast. It is so simple to create one now a days. If you purchased a computer in the last few years, you have everything you need. You just need to be passionate about something and be willing to talk about it.

Also in general I have found that most podcasters are nice people, I have never met a podcaster who is not willing to help and there is a nice community if there is help. Sometimes though, it can be a bit lonely and when you look at the numbers, it can be heart breaking initially. But if you like doing it, it is really great, we had guests on the show who were so happy to talk about their projects and the fact that someone was interested in what they were doing.

Before you start, you should take a look at this comic from the Oatmeal, it hits home on many things to expect: Oatmeal on Making Things

Finally, here is what is on my iTunes Subscriptions:

Escape Velocity, hosted by yours truly, of course.

Quit by Dan Benjamin, who I think is very funny you should check out the 5by5 network.

Core Intuition, very nice podcast by Daniel Jalkut and Manoton Reece focused on Development

Cmd + Space by Myke Hurley has some great guests.

NipTech (if you can understand French and are in Technology) , of course hosted by Ben focused on news and startups.

NPR Jazz Profiles : Excellent biographical podcast.

This week in Startups by Jason Calacanis.

Seth Godin’s Startup School : Really excellent series of shows on marketing and the essence of Seth Godin, if you like his work you will like this.

NPR All Songs Considered: Great songs and music every week.

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