I am Hrishikesh Ballal, welcome to my website. I have had this site in one form or the other for the past 22 years or so.

I am Mechanical Engineer by training specializing in Engineering Design, Operations Research with degrees from University of Michigan and MIT. In 2015, I completed my PhD at the Center for Advanced Spatial Analysis at University College London with a focus on geodesign. My thesis was around early stage design and planning and is entitled Collaborative planning with digital design synthesis and was supervised by Prof. Mike Batty, Dr. James Cheshire and Prof. Carl Steinitz. I am also the Founder and Managing Director of Geodesignhub. At Geodesignhub we provide collaboration technology for negotiations over the future of a place. The mission of the company is to make geodesign collaboration and negotiation technologies broadly available.

My focus at work and study has always been a mixture of Engineering Design and System Architecture. I am passionate about environmental management and urban / regional planning issues especially with application of advanced technologies to the problem. I am also a active member of OSGeo Ireland chapter and a huge advocate of open data.

I feel like I have had many lives and in my previous life, I was involved with open source software, car companies, United Nations, Japan, Microsoft among other things. Prior to my focus on Geodesign, I worked quite a bit on consumer electronics. It all started when I was offered a fellowship to work on solving the collection and end-of-life aspects of e-waste in developing countries and it was the thesis for my degree.

In real life, everyone calls me Hrishi. The H is silent so it is pronounced as ‘Reeshee’. The etymology of my name, ऋषिकेश in Sanskrit, is religious related to Hinduism. There is no equivalent in the English alphabets for the original Sanskrit character. Rishikesh is also the name of a ancient city in the foothills of the Himalayas. This site provides Atom or RSS feeds and you can subscribe to them to get the latest. I am @hrishiballal Twitter and also on LinkedInGithub and Geodesignhub. If you want to get in touch, email is the best way to do so.

All content in this site is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. Unless otherwise stated, everything here is © 1996 ~ 2018 Hrishikesh Ballal.

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